Saturday, August 2, 2008

India Population

Now India’s population has grown up very quickly. They have too many people in their country. “With 1,130,000,000 people, India is currently the world’s second largest country” (Rosenberg, 2007, para.1). The government does not have any control of population. People want more boys than girls. They think just a boy can keep the family tree and take care of them. So, they bear a lot of boys. However, in one family, they have more boys than girls. “The consequence of female infanticide and, more recently, abortion is India’s awkwardly skewed gender ratio, among the most imbalanced in the world. The ratio among children up to the age of 6 was 962 girls per 1,000 boys in 1981, but 20 years later the inequity was actually worse: 927 girls per 1,000 boys” (Girish, 2005, para.3). Also, India’s government cannot control about how many they bear. The government just makes them bear children again and again. The government does not care about number of children in one family. If government does not control the number of people, they might face a big problem, such as loss of living area or no more jobs for people. People cannot decide babies’ gender. But they still bear a lot of children. It can make women marry later and it also leads to social unrest. “The French demographer Christophe Guilmoto warned that future deficits of adult women would affect the stability of the entire marriage system and lead to social unrest where men were likely to be violent against women” (Kontominas, 2007, para.2).

Now in India gender imbalance is very serious. They have more boys than girls, because they always bear boys. They want a boy. They think girls cannot protect them when they are old. In their mind, just a boy can help them. “The oleander plant yields a bright, pleasant flower, but also a milky sap that, if ingested, can be a deadly poison. It’s one of the methods families use to kill newborn girls in the Salem District of Tamil Nadu, a part of India notorious for female infanticide” (Girish, 2005, para.1). They think that when a girl grows up, she might marry and live with her husband. So, in their mind they really want to bear a boy. They do not make rules about gender imbalance. If they still stubbornly insist on bearing a baby, it might make it hard for men to marry; it might make it hard for parents to care for them, and it might cause a lack of jobs for males.

First, if people still stubbornly insist on bearing babies, it might make it hard for men marry. In India, there are more men than women. They want boys. So, some rich people use technology to know baby’s gender, but humans cannot decide it. “Infanticide is illegal in India, and laws are also in place to stop sex-selective abortions. But in some places, national rules don’t hold enough sway to overcome local religious and social customs-which remain biased in favor of sons over daughters” (Girish, 2005, para.4). For example, in the world there are 40 girls and 60 boys out of every hundred. When they grow up, they might get married. However, in this group there might be 10 boys who cannot get married, because there are 20 more males than females. In most countries, they just can get married with one person. How about the other twenty people; who can get married to them? If men cannot get married with women, it might cause social confusion. In the future, women could get married with two or more men. Male power might decrease in society. It is not fair. It is just because of parents’ avarice, their son cannot get married. It might destroy their lifetime.

Second, if in the world there are more men, it might make it very hard for parents to care for them. For example, they just have boys. When they grow up, they should get married. His parents should give him money to prepare for the marriage. If they have 5 sons, they should give their 5 sons the same money. It is a hard thing for a poor family. “Faced with such pressure, many families, rich and poor alike, are turning to prenatal selection to ensure that they receive a son” (Baldauf, 2006, para.5). Not only does marriage require money, but also when they are young boys, they should go to school. It also requires a lot of money. They need school fees and they need money to buy food and clothes. It is very a difficult thing for a poor family. Also, parents should take care of them in many ways. However, in their deep mind they think they should have sons. “There’s more money here now, and more education. But it’s still in the back of everyone’s mind: ‘I must have a male child’” (Sullivan, 2008, para.8). They think that when a boy grows up, he will get married. He still can live with his parents. His wife can protect his parents. Why can they bear boys? Because when technologies developed fast, people could use ultrasound to make sure of their baby’s gender. It can make parents be satisfied about their children.

Finally, if they have too many males, there might be no more jobs for males. Gender imbalance might affect future society. “Bioethicists say they are concerned the preference of one sex over the other, in this case boys over girls, will create a future imbalance of population and power” (Gajilan, 2005, para.21). For example, there are a lot of men in this world. The ratio of successful to total applicants for a job might be very high. Most parents might give their son the best education. So, their parents might have high expectation for them. When they go to a company to get a job, there will be many people. They should compete for just one position. It is too hard. They must compete with people of the same sex and of the different sex. Now women also take high education. Women are very smart. Now men want to win women; it is a very difficult thing. The extreme case, men are unable to find a wife. Gender imbalance might give humans a lot of discomfort. Most Asian people think boys are more important than girls, but it is exactly wrong. They think just a boy can help them and keep the family tree. In some Asian countries, in people’s deep mind they think a woman is a burden economically and socially (Kontominas, 2007, para.6). Now women can do everything men do. Women also have power in this society. In some countries, they have female presidents. In the world, there are many famous females people. For example, in America, there are many female stars. They have a lot of money. They can affect other people by their actions. People want to bear a boy, but they bear girls. Parents might bear more and more. They will stop bearing after they bear a boy. It is a big problem. It caused overpopulation. The overpopulation might cause many problems. If the population increased, it will be hard for humans to live, because there might be no more places people can live. Also, overpopulation might bring food war. Overpopulation caused children to be unable to go to school. If in a family, there are too many children, some of them cannot go to school. It also makes environmental pollution. They should change their attitude. The society is most important process to tell people what is true.

In conclusion, in many Asian countries, they want to bear boys because of their tradition. In their deep mind, they think boys are more useful than girls. So, they use high technology to know what their baby’s gender is. However, if there are a lot of males, it might make it hard for men to marry, it might make it hard for parents to care for them, and there might be no more jobs for males. It will be a problem for society. Not only those results, but also overpopulation make food wars happen or children be unable to go to school. Just because of parents’ avarice, the social problems are being getting more serious day by day. Parents should take care of their children, whatever the gender is, boy or girl. Also, the government should take a role in controlling population. If the government still does not have any solution for population growth, they might face a big problem.


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Monday, July 14, 2008

According to S. Baldauf, in “Study: Selective –sex abortion claims 500,000 girls a year”, in India, there are a lot of women who must abort babies. They use ultrasound to know what sex it is. The prenatal selection and selective abortion is a custom in India. This custom is around all the religious groups. However, most commonly it is around educated women. There are many results; one of those is social repercussions. The sex ratio will be skewed. The female feticide is most common for India’s elite. Some activists say female feticide is wrong in order to criticize Indian society. The use of ultrasound should be to check birth defects, not gender. Bishnoi says the educated women are more likely to decide on babies’ gender. However Ms. Bishnoi says the failure is because of a society, not women. Some of the number of female abortions might be exaggerated.

In most Asian countries, they want to bear boys. If they still have this attitude, the gender imbalance problem might be bigger. We should find solution about this problem. The government should make a law about abortion, schools should teach students about gender ratio’s importance, and parents should have responsibility for their children in their mind.

First, the government should make a law about abortion. For example, most countries do not have laws about abortion. People go to a hospital use ultrasound to check baby’s gender. If gender is not a male, they might abort their baby. It is too cruel. If government makes a law about abortion, people might not be able to do that so easily. For example, in Germany, they have a law about women having abortions. They never cannot do that. They think doing abortion is very cruel. The government should do like Germany to save the babies’ lives.

Second, schools should teach students about gender ratio’s importance. At one time, girls could not go to school to study, but now they can. School’s action is very important for student. They should teach them real. For example, when a teacher teaches students, they need to tell them that now the gender is imbalanced, because many people are just bearing boys. If they do not do like this, the students might think they must bear the boy. Their culture has always thought that just boys are important.

Finally, parents should have responsibility for their children in their minds, whatever the baby’s gender. In more developed countries, people think the gender is not important for them, because in their mind they think the most important thing is that they have a baby, not what gender the baby has. They are happy they have their own children. On the other hand, in less developed countries, people think just a boy can help them, and boys can make them happy. They had this attitude 100 years ago. Now it is 2008; people should change their mind from the past. Whether girl or boy they are your children.

In conclusion, most people think the gender problem is because of culture. It is true, but the other reason is women’s attitude. So, we should discard the wrong attitude. We can do such as government make a law about abortion, schools should teach students about gender ratio’s importance, and parents should have responsibility for their children in their mind. It might be able to solve the problem.


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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

India population

According to T. Sullivan, in “Rising India cannot shake its bias for boys gender imbalance widens in 2nd most populous country”, in India, the gender imbalance has become bigger; we cannot swing their bias. Most people want more boys than girls. They want to be globalized and there is more money and education, but in their deep mind they want to bear boys. Researchers think education and wealth can decrease the desire to choose boys. Also, researchers say that pressure for smaller families is the problem. Numbers of girls are coming back to school. They are growing a middle class and there is increased urbanization. In nearby villages, it is difficult to see girls.

In most of Asia, they want to bear a boy. Why do they have special affection for boys? Because they think a boy can protect them when they are old, a boy can help them do farm work, and boys are smarter than girls.

First, most people think boys can protect them when they are old. All the people will be old. It is a natural phenomenon. When people become old, their children should protect them. It is most people’s thought. However, they do not believe in girls, because they think when girls get married, they might live with their husband; so, she does not have time and energy to protect them. For example, in a poor family, they have 5 daughters and just one son. The son might be very important in their family. When they grow up, the daughters are married. Then they are moving out to live with their husbands’ families. They should do a lot of housework. They do not have time to take care of their parents. Their parents just can believe the son, because when the son gets married, there is a woman moving in to the man’s house. They can live together with their parents.

Second, a boy can help parents do farm work. In a less developed country, they mostly want boys. For example, man’s power is bigger than a woman’s. It is different from physiology. A man can pick up the heavy goods. A woman cannot help their parents with basics. They just do some easy things like cleaning, cooking, and sewing. Parents like sons more than daughters. Also, men have good tenacity. If a man and woman do the same difficult things, women might abandon them early, but men might do that to the end.

Finally, parents think boys are smarter than girls. Most parents do not let their daughters go to school, because they think it just wastes money. They just stay at home and help their parents to do housework. However, they have a right to go to school for study. For example, in India they do not let girls go to school. They think girls are not smart. Also, they think when girls grow up, girls can marry a rich boy. It is enough for girls. If women have a good marriage, their life will be good. In the world, most presidents are men. In some parts, women cannot catch up with men, such as in business or in the diplomatic sense. In government, most diplomatic officials are men. In parents’ minds, they think just boys can rise in the world.

In conclusion, we should change our minds. Not only can boys can do business, but also girls can do it. In Asia, most parents think their daughter just can do housework. They think boys are better than girls. That’s because they think when boys grow up, he can protect them, boy can help them do farm work, and boys are smatter than girls. Girls also can do those things. Now women also have power in society.


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Monday, July 7, 2008


According to B. Kontominas, in “Gender imbalance a threat to stability”, sex trade and violence against women happened because of the gender imbalance; in Asia it is not being addressed. In a presentation, they worried that the men are more likely to be violent forward women; it might affect stable marriage systems and make social instability. In Asia, there are more men than women. In most of Asia, they want sons more than daughters. It makes sexual the quality. When people have the ultrasound, it is easier for them to abort. Dr. Guilmoto said to change people’s attitudes and make a law can help reduce sex selection. Also, Dr. Purnima Mane said, we should change the value of women now.

In Asia, most people want a son. However, it is not something humans can decide. People may bear a lot of children before they bear a son. They never think about the result. It will be hard for humans to live, most children might be able to go to school, and it can pollute the environment.

First, if the population increased, it will be hard for humans to live. The human living areas will be smaller. For example, humans live in places that have limits. If people are stubborn about bearing babies, we might have insufficient living areas. Also, it can bring about food war, because of the high population. If the population goes up, people need more food than before. For example, they have six children and parents. Total is eight people in that family. It means they should have enough food for eight people to eat. They should have a lot of money, because they could buy enough food to eat. It is hard for a poor family.

Second, if the population increases, most children might be able to go to school. In most of the less developed countries, people want to bear a boy. They think the boy can do everything. When they bear a boy, they might feel self-conceit. People can bear many babies, but for a poor family, the child might be able to go to school, because they do not have enough money to pay study cost. For example, in a poor family, they may have 5 children. They should go to school, but their family does not have enough money to pay. Their parents decide to just make one child go to school. It is unfair for the other children. They also have the right to go to school. If they do not go to school, they cannot learn knowledge.

Finally, if we have many people, it might pollute the environment. Too many people can make environmental pollution. For example, in less developed countries most people throw trash in public places. They think throwing trash it does not matter, because other people also do this. Why do they think like this? Because they has a low cultural level. If the low cultural level people still bear babies, it might make cultural level lower and lower. So, it makes them not think anything about making environmental pollution.

In conclusion, the population increased day by day. It might a serious problem. If we do not find solution, this problem might be bigger. If population increased, it will be hard for humans to live, children might be able to go to school, and people may pollute the environment. People should not just want to bear a boy. Boy or girls both are important for parents.


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Friday, June 20, 2008

solution of ice shelf collapse

Now global warming is very serious. Global warming caused the Ice shelf collapse. According to the articles “Global warming blamed for ice shelf collapse”, “It is thought the warming of the atmosphere, which has been happening several times faster on the Antarctic Peninsula than the global average, has melted more surface ice, which is weakening the shelf” (2008, para.5). Global warming caused temperature to go up and high temperature makes ice collapse. So, the ice shelf collapse caused the sea level to increase and break the ecosystem. According to the article “Warming to Cause Catastrophic Rise in Sea Level?”, “However, the biggest danger, many experts warn, is that global warming will cause sea levels to rise dramatically. Thermal expansion has already raised the oceans 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 centimeters)” (Lovgren, 2004, para.3). It might be very dangerous, because if sea level increased, islands may be buried. Our living areas will become smaller. Also, if the ecosystem is damaged, natural disasters might happen. All of those things happen, and we might lose our home, because the living area will get smaller.

Global warming will become more and more serious. According to the article “Seattle's serious about global warming”, “The current trajectory of climate change, if continued over the next 50 years, will take untold lives and cause widespread human suffering, destruction of coastal cities, loss of species and destabilization of the world economy” (Steinbrueck, 2007, para.1). If we do not find ways to solve those problems, we might repent our behavior. There are some solutions to improve environment problems. One is to not use plastic bags, another is to use public transportation, and the other is to not use Freon gas.

First, we should stop using plastic bags. When we go to the market to buy something, they put products in a plastic bag. Then, we might throw away the plastic bag. In the article “Plastic at your peril”, “Plastic is one of the major toxic pollutants of our time” (Our pharma correspondent, 2007, para.1). If the plastic rots, it requires a long time. Many times we are burying the plastic bag under the ground. When the plastic bag rots, it might pollute the environment. Now we have no idea about how to solve the problem of plastic. Even if we do something to improve it, it cannot be solved at the root. For example, if we burn the plastic bags, bad ingredients will flow out. It will destroy the atmosphere. In article “Plastic at your peril”, “Plastic causes serious damage to environment both during its production and disposal. So the only way to reduce the hazards of plastic is to reduce the use of plastic and thereby force a reduction in its production” (Our pharma correspondent, 2007, para.4).

Second, people should use public transportation or a family should have just one car. For example, we should use the subway, because the subway uses electricity. It can improve the environment. Now in many families they average 2 cars. It wastes resources. For example, there are two families. One family just has one car; the other family has two cars. They both live in the big city. The first family’s members sometimes use the car, but sometimes use public transportation. They might be very uncomfortable, but it can save good environment for their future generations. People should use more public transportation. In “Should roads have tolls to fight global warming?” the author said “Environmental groups consider the bills critical to a larger effort to get people out of their cars and into public transportation” (Garber, 2008, para.2). The other family is always using the car. In that family, the gas fee might be 200 dollars per month. It is very convenient, but it is very expensive and it is not good for the environment.

Third, people should stop using Freon gas. Now people are using a lot of heat in winter. We are using a lot of Freon gas in refrigerator. The Freon gas can make an ozone hole. In “Eliminating CFCs: It’s up to us” the author said, “Stratospheric chlorine and fluorine from the breakdown of CFCs is the cause of the Antarctic ozone hole” (Brownstein, 2000, para.3). So, the ozone cannot keep the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. The sun’s UV immediateness reaches the earth’s surface. People might get skin cancer because of UV rays. In “Skin cancer”, “The most prominent cause of skin cancer is sun damage. This damage is caused by ultraviolet rays” (n.d. para.8) Also, it will make ice melt. It can raise the sea level. If the sea level increased, the natural disaster will happen, such as typhoons and floods.

Some people say global warming is not very serious and it is not a problem. They might think it is true. However I strongly disagree with them. Global warming is a big issue in the world. Global warming makes temperature increase. The high temperature makes North and South Pole ice collapse. It has caused sea level to increase. In “Global warming blamed for Antarctic Ice shelf collapse”, “Scientists say it is a sign of rapid climate change in a region that has experienced the greatest temperature increases on earth” (Skirble, 2008, para.1). If sea level still increases, it will be very dangerous for us. We should think about our future. Global warming is because of humans. Humans make environmental pollution. People throw away trash anywhere. When they do that, they never think about the end. They never think that the environment is very important. So, they just do everything they want, such as logging wood to earn money or polluting the environment.

In conclusion, now the sea level is increasing day by day. It is a serious problem for us. Most people do not know how serious this problem is. They think that as time passes all these things will be fine, but it is impossible, because we have already polluted the environment too deeply. We should find a solution to solve those problems. We should stop using plastic bags, we should stop using Freon gas, and we should use public transportation. If we do this, we might be able to improve the environment. However, if we still pollute the environment, it might give us no solutions to solve problems. We can improve the environment problems by our change. We can do it, and we must do it.


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Thursday, June 19, 2008

problem of writing ability

Most people use the Internet. Internet is very useful in our life. In Internet, we can do whatever we want to do, such as chatting, getting information, or playing games. Now, the high school students’ writing skill is very poor, because they use a lot of chatting words. “As more and more teenagers socialize online, middle school and high school teachers like Ms. Harding are increasingly seeing a breezy form of Internet English jump from e-mail into schoolwork” (Lee, 2002, paras.12-14). They are not using the academic language. It might decline people’s presentation ability. It is such a serious problem. How can we help them? We should find something to help them quit from the Internet.

Now the Internet has become an issue. The students are using a lot of Internet words in writing. So, their writing is very bad. We can make them do more outside activity and parents can put computers in the living room and make a time limit for computer.

First, parents can make them do more outside activity. Now, many students are using Internet to do chatting. They think Internet can teach them something. “In at least one central respect, proponents of technology in the classroom are on to something: Most students (60.9%) believe (the use of technology) improves their learning” (Guess, 2007, Para.17). They like chatting because they want to spend time with their friends. If they want talk about many things, they should type very quickly. So, they might shorten the words. If children do this a long time, parents should stop them. In America, parents want give their children more freedom, but they should be strict with their children. They can do some outside activity with their children, such as play soccer, play basketball, or go fishing. The children want to spend time with their friends, because they think parents do not have concern for them. So, if parents can spend a little time with their children, they might be able to shorten the time they use computer.

Second, parents can put the computer in the living room and make a time limit for the computer. For example, most teenagers have a computer in their own room. They can do everything they want. Nobody can control them. Parents do not know what their children do. If parents put a computer in the living room, parents can know what their children do when parents are in the living room. It might make the teenager use less Internet. If they are using less Internet, it might help them not have a writing problem. That is because too many students are writing short and they are using some little code, such as “I’m eat food”, “I’m study”. The students should be careful to write suitably and not use little code (Lee, 2002). Also, parents can set up a time limit on the computer. For example, before the teenager plays on the computer, parents can set up time that the computer is off.

In conclusion, both the middle school and high school students have writing problems, because they are using a lot of chatting words to write. It is a serious problem for us. We should help them. Parents should make their children do more outside activity and put computers in the living room. It might work for teenagers.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Ice collapse

In article “ Low probability of ice collapse,” the author talks about how the West Antarctic Ice Sheet will collapse. First, the WAIS can decide the sea level. There was an attempt at disintegration of a WAIS collapse. Second, researchers believe the WAIS is 13% of the ice in Antarctica has collapsed. Now the temperatures are increasing very quickly in parts of the West Antarctica. Next, Dr. David Vaughan said the ice sheet collapse’s probability is a low ratio. Finally, the Department for Environment said the sea level would be increased one meter per century.

Now the ice shelf collapse is very serious. If it still happens, it might give us a big disaster. There will be an unstable ecosystem, food resource war, and buried islands.

First, if ice shelf collapses still happen, it might make the ecosystem unstable. For example, when sea level increases by 10 meters, the animals and fish will follow the sea and move to another place. If they move to another place, they may affect human life. They might eat human food and hurt people. In Indonesia, there are many snacks that live with people. I hear this in Korean TV program. It is because of a broken ecosystem. They do not have place to live, so they move to the cities. It is very dangerous. If those things still happen, the tiger or lions will come to the city to hurt people.

Second, if the sea level still increases, a food resource war might happen. For example, when the sea level rises, the plain will be buried. If this thing happens, we will have no food to eat. If no ground can be given to us to grow, the food scramble might happen. When war happens, people will lose their home or die. Food is a very important thing in our life. If people cannot eat, it makes them crazy. When people’s minds are not clear, they can do any brutal things such as eat humans.

Finally, if the surface of the water rises, it can bury islands. For example, the sea’s surface increased day by day. The water could little by little bury an island. If this happened, people might lose their home, or might lose their families. It is very sad. Also, if people lose their home, they might move from islands to big cities. The big city’s population will increase to twice. The living place will be smaller and smaller. When you walk on the road, the people will encounter other people. It is a very uncomfortable life.

In conclusion, we should obstruct the ice collapse. If not, we might lose everything. If the surface of the water rises, an ecosystem will be unstable, there will be a food resources war, and island will be buried.


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