Thursday, June 19, 2008

problem of writing ability

Most people use the Internet. Internet is very useful in our life. In Internet, we can do whatever we want to do, such as chatting, getting information, or playing games. Now, the high school students’ writing skill is very poor, because they use a lot of chatting words. “As more and more teenagers socialize online, middle school and high school teachers like Ms. Harding are increasingly seeing a breezy form of Internet English jump from e-mail into schoolwork” (Lee, 2002, paras.12-14). They are not using the academic language. It might decline people’s presentation ability. It is such a serious problem. How can we help them? We should find something to help them quit from the Internet.

Now the Internet has become an issue. The students are using a lot of Internet words in writing. So, their writing is very bad. We can make them do more outside activity and parents can put computers in the living room and make a time limit for computer.

First, parents can make them do more outside activity. Now, many students are using Internet to do chatting. They think Internet can teach them something. “In at least one central respect, proponents of technology in the classroom are on to something: Most students (60.9%) believe (the use of technology) improves their learning” (Guess, 2007, Para.17). They like chatting because they want to spend time with their friends. If they want talk about many things, they should type very quickly. So, they might shorten the words. If children do this a long time, parents should stop them. In America, parents want give their children more freedom, but they should be strict with their children. They can do some outside activity with their children, such as play soccer, play basketball, or go fishing. The children want to spend time with their friends, because they think parents do not have concern for them. So, if parents can spend a little time with their children, they might be able to shorten the time they use computer.

Second, parents can put the computer in the living room and make a time limit for the computer. For example, most teenagers have a computer in their own room. They can do everything they want. Nobody can control them. Parents do not know what their children do. If parents put a computer in the living room, parents can know what their children do when parents are in the living room. It might make the teenager use less Internet. If they are using less Internet, it might help them not have a writing problem. That is because too many students are writing short and they are using some little code, such as “I’m eat food”, “I’m study”. The students should be careful to write suitably and not use little code (Lee, 2002). Also, parents can set up a time limit on the computer. For example, before the teenager plays on the computer, parents can set up time that the computer is off.

In conclusion, both the middle school and high school students have writing problems, because they are using a lot of chatting words to write. It is a serious problem for us. We should help them. Parents should make their children do more outside activity and put computers in the living room. It might work for teenagers.

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